AG FinTax Helps Small Businesses Thrive Post Pandemic

Anil Grandhi, the CEO and Founder of outsourced financial services company AG FinTax, started his journey in a business-focused family in the South Indian village of Rajam. Growing up, Grandhi was exposed to the operations and challenges of small businesses.

Grandhi’s father struggled with the financial challenges of owning multiple small businesses. Growing up, Grandhi witnessed the stress that financial management can cause business owners. This inspired him to create a company that helps small business owners with their finances and provides expert guidance around the nuances of managing money in a business. 

Inspired by his father’s experiences, Grandhi built his knowledge base and experience by understanding the struggles of other entrepreneurs. Many of Grandhi’s family members were also entrepreneurs, and he was able to learn from their collective experiences and identify common areas of struggle for small business owners.

With time, his determination to help businesses inspired him to start a career in finance.  He began with PWC and later moved to the United States while working as a Financial Controller with SunEdison, the world’s largest renewable energy company.

Later, Grandhi worked with Amazon and Starbucks. While working at Amazon as a corporate accountant, he realized that big corporations were afforded far more opportunities for growth and benefits than small businesses. Noticing that Amazon made billions but paid low taxes, Grandhi began to wonder how this could transform the lives of small business owners. He decided to learn and pass on the best industry practices that top Fortune 100 companies follow to help small business owners grow their businesses. Large corporations can afford to hire tax experts that ensure they make the most out of their exemptions, but small business owners can rarely afford the same. This was the inspiration for his company’s mission: to help small businesses optimize tax codes and strategies.

With this mission to help business owners increase their revenue and profits, Grandhi founded the Seattle-headquartered AG FinTax. The company provides expertise and guidance nationwide to entrepreneurs and small businesses on tax planning; tax filing and compliance; CFO services; monthly accounting; wealth management; and relief, grants, and loan consulting.

With a professional team of CPAs, Chartered Accountants, and CMAs, AG FinTax offers advisory services with the core values of Integrity, accountability, value addition, and customer experience. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, they have differentiated themselves in the market by enabling clients to take back control of the economy and continue operating through SBA loans and grants.

He has received rave reviews for his work and has been invited to share his expertise on several TV shows, webinars, conferences, and various social media channels. For Grandhi and AGFinTax, the journey has only begun, and the possibilities are infinite.  As Grandhi puts it in his own words – “ People are paying more taxes rather than optimizing tax-saving opportunities. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned!”

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