From Tax Compliance, Planning, to CFO Services

AG FinTax is a fast-growing tax and financial services firm that offers a broad array of services in tax planning, accounting,
financial solutions, and advisory functions, to individuals, retail as well as the institutional clientele. Established in 2019 by
Anil Grandhi, an accomplished finance expert with a proven portfolio, AG FinTax is supported by a professional team of
Chartered accountants, CMAs, CPAs, and other financial experts.
With an outstanding track record vouched by hundreds of clients, and an in-depth domain expertise in taxation and CFO
services, AG FinTax till date has helped thousands of business owners benefit from its strategic advice and support. Several
businesses trust us for the seamless financial and accounting services that include tax compliance, tax planning, relief and
grants consultation and virtual CFO services.
AG FinTax deploys a solution-centric and analytical approach that empowers clients to improve efficiencies, through smart
functions, intelligence workflows and customized care.

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